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Could we really have expected anything else?  When left wing hoaxer and snake-oil salesman Michael Mann was found “not guilty” of committing fraud by his drinking buddies last month, a small outrage was quashed by the compliant press and deemed a dead story.

Douchebag Liar Michael Mann

Douchebag Liar Michael Mann

Until today, when a small shining light of hope as pierced through the polluted cloud of BS that hangs over Penn State:

FOXNews.com – Top Climate Scientist’s Exoneration Won’t Be the Last Word

The Office of Inspector General confirmed that it will review the misconduct charges. A spokeswoman told FoxNews.com that “in accordance with our research misconduct regulation, (45 C.F.R. part 689), when the OIG is provided with an institution’s investigation report, we review it for fairness, accuracy and completeness” — issues the investigation has already been faulted for…

On the campus at Penn State, the panel’s findings continue to cause controversy. Young Americans for Freedom has launched a petition drive to reopen the investigation, this time by an independent body. The conservative student group said that the panel’s findings “read more like a letter of recommendation” than an investigative report. The group also pointed out that Penn didn’t look at the Wegman report, a congressional sponsored panel that looked into Mann’s work in 2006 and criticized much of his research.

Scumbag Global Warming hoaxers absolutely must keep the money flowing – that is, until they invent another crisis to get rich off of.


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The plot thickens in the ClimateGate scandal. NASA admits that it’s temperature data is “unequivocallynot better than the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit’s:

FOXNews.com – NASA Data Worse Than Climate-Gate Data, Space Agency Admits

So more fraud, more grant money wasted, and more lies by Climate scientists.

I wonder if Wikipedia will block all of this information too?

edit:  Searching “ClimateGate” on Google now results in over 5,500,000,000 hits.  But Wikipedia still refuses to give it any credence, other than a name the “media” uses..

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