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Following up on my personal promise conveyed to Petey-V, the intent and purpose of this blog is to expose and depose of the uber-liberal socialist union thug, Congressmen Peter J. Visclosky, democrat from Indiana’s 1st District.

You see, Pete is a your typical left wing socialist cheerleader. He’s a friend of Unions,  Big Steel,  nature and crooked Political Action Committees.

A 20 year pox on da Region, this lunatic raises and spends more money outside Indiana than from within.  Also a good friend of the the recently-sent-to-hell John Murtha, blowhard hypocrite from Pennsylvania, who conveniently died before he was prosecuted for fraud.

OpenSecrets.org is a great website. It contains a wealth of information on all the pieces of garage in Washington.  Below you can see that Petey-V received nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the now defunct PMA Group, a liberal money laundering scheme:

Pete Visclosky: Campaign Finance/Money – Top Donors – Career | OpenSecrets

Contributor ↓ Total Indiv PACs
PMA Group $212,200 $186,700 $25,500
United Steelworkers $105,000 $0 $105,000
United Auto Workers $105,000 $0 $105,000
Teamsters Union $93,200 $200 $93,000
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $88,500 $0 $88,500
Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union $83,200 $0 $83,200
Sheet Metal Workers Union $82,000 $0 $82,000
ProLogic Inc $78,000 $66,000 $12,000
Laborers Union $77,200 $0 $77,200
General Atomics $73,149 $19,150 $53,999

Pete, your time is over.


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